The Steps To Building a Wifi-Car

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We first started by laying the foundation, we first began by building the supporting wheel it balances the front of the vehichle, After that we placed support beams which were attached to a motors, then we placed the wheel on the motor so it can maneuvr around, we moved to the upper part of the foundation, we placed arduino board and we also placed an (ESP-12E) motor give it wifi capabilty and then we placed a battry container at the back of the vehicle so the vehicle can have a power source to work with.

And then we started wiring the board to the motor and the battery container to the board aswell.

In addition we checked every screw to make sure everything was were it was supposed to be, we double checked everyting every screws, bolts, wires and other objects.

Then we opened up the arduino program and we started to input the code so that we can have full control over the motors.

We faced a couple of isssues while trying to code the vehicle, but at last we managed to be succsessful to gain full control over the wifi-car and hopefully in the near future we can experiment with set coding to get a unique vehicle.


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Hadi Redha


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