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Quick start Node.js web app in Microsoft Azure

Create a Node.js web app using Azure App Service Free tier

Simple Amplifier Design Using PNP Transistor (BC557B)

Design a simple amplifier to the below specification: PNP transistor ( BC557B ). 4 resistor bias circuit. Input max 20mV pp. Output max 3 V pp. Ic max 24mA. Vcc 9 V. Show all design calculation. Simulate with Altium designer. According to the PNP transistor (BC557B) current voltage characteristic (taken from its data sheet): ICQ…

(BMP180) programming using I2C

Figure 1: (BMP180) Barometric Pressure Module. Sensor’s special features: High pressure (300/1100 hPa) and temperature (-40/+85 °C) detection ranges. Fully calibrated digital sensor that makes it easy to use and program using InterIntegrated Circuit (I 2C) serial communication. Surface mounted device (SMD), therefore it is very small in size (3.6mm x 3.8mm x 0.93mm). High…

How to use GCP Deployment Manager

Basic usage of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Deployment Manager for VM instances

AWS S3 Mount on CentOS 7

Installing Goofys instead of S3FS

space cadet

step1:assembling the robot parts step2:building the robot step3:attache the wires step4:connect elctrecity to the robot motor step5:writing the codes on the robot step6:applying the commands on the robot step7:controlling the robot by the commands team:ossama alramadan ahmed mohammd hassan ali ahmed alramadan hassan mosa    

Getting started with M5Stack

setting up the M5 stack on windows

The Steps To Building a Wifi-Car


How to create AWS ec2 machine

The instance is an Amazon EBS-backed instance (meaning that the root volume is an EBS volume). You can either specify the Availability Zone in which your instance ru

Fund’em: Color 3D Printers, Cute Companion Robots, & More

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